The Holy Spirit Session Two

In our last session we began to understand who the Holy Spirit is and ways in which He enables us to live for Christ.  In this session, we will talk about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Session One

Although disciples of Jesus desire to do his will, they find it difficult.  Jesus knew this and sent the Holy Spirit to empower them to live for Him.  This session talks about who the Holy Spirit is and some of the ways that He helps believers live for Jesus.

Committing Your Life Fully to Jesus

This podcast encourages new believers to give their lives to Jesus in gratitude of what He has done for them and so they can fulfill their God-given purpose.

Entering into Biblical Fellowship

This podcast gives a brief explanation of Biblical fellowship and how it benefits the disciple of Jesus.

Teaching a New Believer to Pray

This podcast gives some suggestions as to how we can teach a new convert or a believer who has not been discipled how they can begin a prayer life.

The Gospel

This podcast explains the Gospel so that a new believer may understand what happened to them when they received Christ.  It explains how a mature believer can help a new believer to understand the Gospel.

Teaching the Bible

This podcast discusses the importance of the Bible and how to help new believers develop the habit of getting into it.

The Greatest Thing You Can Do With Your Life

In this podcast, we will begin to discuss the greatest thing we can give our lives to.  In future podcasts, we will discuss how.

Lykens Valley Camp Meeting

We have just gotten home from Lykens Valley Camp Meeting in Elizabethville, PA., where we spoke 10 times on the topic of peace.  Of course when most people think of peace, they think of world peace or at least peace between people.  We believe that God desires this.  Our theme verse for the week was Colossians 3:15.  It tells us that God has called us to peace.  However, the verse also tells us “to let the peace of Christ rule in our heart.”  This indicates that we must allow God to do some things in our life prior to being at real peace with others.  First, we must be at peace with God.  This comes as we receive Christ into our life and as we give our life to Him as Lord. When we do this by faith, He forgives our sins, which takes away the wall that kept us from Him and because we seek to walk in His wise and perfect will, we will have nothing between us and God.  As we do this, God will work in our life in order to rid us of the broken places which keep us from others.  When we allow Him to take care of these areas of sin and strongholds, we are more free to eradicate barriers that stand between us and others.  When we see God working in all three of these  areas, we truly have peace.

He is A Good Shepherd

We have only canceled two international trips.  Several years ago, our friends in India suggested that we not come.  Although we were disappointed that we would not be with them, we felt God wanted us to cancel.  Several months later, when the Mumbai terror attacks were taking place, we realize that we would have been in Mumbai and would have been scheduled to go the airport while the attacks were active.  Our lives may have been spared by the Lord.

Well it has happened again.  A few months ago, we canceled a trip to an Asian nation.  We would have been flying into a area that became dangerous after the capture and death of an international terror leader.  God knows exactly what He is doing.  How we love having Him as our Shepherd.  He truly looks out for us!