Breaking Free To Your Destiny

Early in their ministry, the Lord thrust John and Kerry Shuey into helping people break strongholds in their lives. They met with individuals and saw God set many people free. However, the ministry load increased greatly as the word spread. Around the year 2000, they attended a weekend retreat where the leaders took a group of people through deliverance at one time. The leaders shared that they had seen great results through these retreats. The Shueys came back to their church believing that God had shown them a way to help groups of people gain freedom at one time. Breaking Free To Your Destiny (BF) began a few months later. It began as an all-day Saturday event and evolved into an eight adult education classes, in addition to Saturday.

The Lord has used Breaking Free To Your Destiny as a tool to set many people free. Over 1000 people have benefited from Breaking Free To Free Your Destiny in their home church. In addition, God has used Breaking Free in at least seven other countries, and several places in the States, with excellent results.

Breaking Free To Your Destiny combines basic discipleship with deliverance ministry. In addition, each participant works through a personal evaluation. The evaluation provides students with a great opportunity to renounce previous sins and BF’s teaching provides a foundation which enables believers to walk securely in their newfound freedom.

In recent days, Breaking Free To Your Destiny has been ministered on weekends with good results. Two formats have worked well: Thursday evening/ Friday evening/All day Saturday, and Friday evening/ all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon. However, other formats would work well, such as Sunday through Wednesday evening.

The Shueys will come to a church and minister BF to your congregation or to a group of congregations. It is also helpful to take an extra half-day with leaders and teach them how to minister Breaking Free To Your Destiny. The leadership training will work best with those who have been through it.

Manuals may be purchased by emailing us. Manuals are $12, or $10 in lots of 20 or more. Shipping and handling will be added to the total.