He is A Good Shepherd

We have only canceled two international trips.  Several years ago, our friends in India suggested that we not come.  Although we were disappointed that we would not be with them, we felt God wanted us to cancel.  Several months later, when the Mumbai terror attacks were taking place, we realize that we would have been in Mumbai and would have been scheduled to go the airport while the attacks were active.  Our lives may have been spared by the Lord.

Well it has happened again.  A few months ago, we canceled a trip to an Asian nation.  We would have been flying into a area that became dangerous after the capture and death of an international terror leader.  God knows exactly what He is doing.  How we love having Him as our Shepherd.  He truly looks out for us!

Becoming You: How to Discover and Live-Out Your Destiny in God

Several years ago, God gave us a  vision to write a manual that would equip believers to be the kind of person who could discover and live out their God-ordained destiny.  The manual, which helps believers develop the kind of spiritual habits that assist them to follow Jesus and gives direction concerning how to discover His plan for their life,  was actually finished in 2008, but we were unable to print it.  We praise God that through a generous gift “”Becoming You…” was printed and ready for distribution in March.  We are so grateful.  You can get copies by contacting us here at KQM.  The manuals are $12 each plus shipping and handling.  We believe it would be great for individuals, small groups or Sunday School classes.