At the Gates of Hades

In Matthew 16, Jesus took His disciples to Caesaria Philippi.  It was a place where the god Pan was worshiped.  It was also a place with a well so deep no one at the time could find the bottom.  They believed this place to be the gate of Hades.  Jesus said that He would build his church even in this place.  If he could build it here, He could build it anywhere.

Kerry and I just visited a part of the world where we would not anticipate a powerful work of God.  All the reports that we hear are negative.  Yet we found a group of Christians passionate about their nation.  They give themselves in passionate prayer and are engaging in 40 day fasts.  They are making a difference.  God is moving and they anticipate He will do more.  As we shared the Word of God, we found them to be hungry, taking notes and responding to the truth in repentance and costly obedience.

God is building His church everywhere.  He is calling out a band of disciples from every tongue, tribe and nation.  He is working in those places where we might think the gates of Hades exist.  Nothing can or will stop Him.  Let us ask Him what part He desires us to play and then follow Him with the same kind of costly obedience.