Into Africa

Recently, John and Kerry Shuey, along with Administrative Assistant, Judy Root traveled to Burkina Faso, West Africa in order to participate with that nations College of Prayer.  During the two and one-half day conference, the Shuey’s led delegates through the Breaking Free To Your Destiny process.  The ministry is designed to assist believers to break free of emotional and demonic bondage from their past in order to enable them to move forward and fulfill their God-ordained destiny. As the conference moved along, it was apparent that delegates were experiencing new levels of freedom as they worshipped more freely and expressed joy with greater enthusiasm.  One highlight of the module was Judy Root sharing how God had set her free from a horrible past to a life of giving herself to Christ and in ministry to others.

John also had the opportunity to preach in one of the churches in Ouagadougou. During that time, he challenged the leaders to seek the Lord together in prayer for the specific vision that He would give them.  It turned out that this advise coincided with advise given by a missionary assisting with the church.