The Shuey’s ministries in these nations have often been together. In most of these nations there are about 1% born again believers. John has been to this region twice and Kerry once. John’s first visit was a fact-finding mission along with Missions Pastor, Eric. John preached at two house churches, one in Austria and the other in Slovenia.The second trip, taken by both John and Kerry, was a Prayer Journey that included 73 teams engaging in spiritual warfare at sites from Crete to Scotland. John and Kerry went to Rijeka, Croatia and prayed in two key locations there. John also preached in Rijeka, where one man gave his life to Jesus and they ministered deliverance to one lady.

The Shueys will return to Austria in December to teach in BLAST Ministries Training School, which includes students from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. They will also go to Croatia in April of 2006 to minister in three or four prayer trainings along with missionaries Clifford and Maria Luckhurst.

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