Kingdom Quest frequently ministers in India. The Shueys first ministered in the Sion Fellowship Training School in 2002 in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh. They taught Breaking Free To Your Destiny, lead a Women’s Conference and ministered in three churches.They returned to Sion’s School in 2005 teaching on the Kingdom of God. After ministering at Sion they traveled to Mumbai to be presenters for the first module of the first College of Prayer in India. The College of Prayer seeks to train believers in prayer so that they, their congregations and regions experience the transforming power of the Kingdom of God.

The Shueys recently traveled to Mumbai where they taught at COP’s second module and led a pastor’s conference in Mumbai. They have been asked to facilitate the development of COP in India. The Shueys, Lord willing, will return to India two times per year for the next several years. The next trip will be early in 2006 where they will teach in the COP, train pastors and teach women.