Into Africa

Recently, John and Kerry Shuey, along with Administrative Assistant, Judy Root traveled to Burkina Faso, West Africa in order to participate with that nations College of Prayer.  During the two and one-half day conference, the Shuey’s led delegates through the Breaking Free To Your Destiny process.  The ministry is designed to assist believers to break free of emotional and demonic bondage from their past in order to enable them to move forward and fulfill their God-ordained destiny. As the conference moved along, it was apparent that delegates were experiencing new levels of freedom as they worshipped more freely and expressed joy with greater enthusiasm.  One highlight of the module was Judy Root sharing how God had set her free from a horrible past to a life of giving herself to Christ and in ministry to others.

John also had the opportunity to preach in one of the churches in Ouagadougou. During that time, he challenged the leaders to seek the Lord together in prayer for the specific vision that He would give them.  It turned out that this advise coincided with advise given by a missionary assisting with the church.

United States

John and Kerry Shuey have ministered in the US for 29 years. Kerry served as county director for Child Evangelism Fellowship for one year prior to their marriage. They have been engaged in pastoral ministry together for 28 years as senior pastors and on church staff’s in roles including youth, evangelism and discipleship, missions, small groups, adult education and prayer.Currently, they serve as PA Coordinators for the US Strategic Prayer Network. In this capacity, they conduct regional prayer trainings and develop strategic prayer events. They also actively seek to bring prayer networks together to pray and strategize.

As representatives for the Church Prayer Leaders Network (CPLN) in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey, they engage in local church prayer training, consultation and bringing the Body of Christ together through prayer events.

In addition, the Shueys have ministered Breaking Free To Your Destiny in various locations in several states.

They are available for Prayer Trainings, Bible Conferences, Men’s and Women’s Retreats and Camps.


The Shuey’s ministries in these nations have often been together. In most of these nations there are about 1% born again believers. John has been to this region twice and Kerry once. John’s first visit was a fact-finding mission along with Missions Pastor, Eric. John preached at two house churches, one in Austria and the other in Slovenia.The second trip, taken by both John and Kerry, was a Prayer Journey that included 73 teams engaging in spiritual warfare at sites from Crete to Scotland. John and Kerry went to Rijeka, Croatia and prayed in two key locations there. John also preached in Rijeka, where one man gave his life to Jesus and they ministered deliverance to one lady.

The Shueys will return to Austria in December to teach in BLAST Ministries Training School, which includes students from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. They will also go to Croatia in April of 2006 to minister in three or four prayer trainings along with missionaries Clifford and Maria Luckhurst.

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In September of 2004, the Shueys made their first trip to Norway. The main purpose was to minister Breaking Free to Your Destiny to participants of Norway’s College of Prayer in Skien. God did a marvelous work of setting people free during this wonderful module. They also participated in a prayer training in Oslo with a group of leaders from a “20 something” church, led a second prayer training in the city of Stavanger, as well as shared the Word of God in the Sunday Service.They will return to Norway’s College of Prayer in January 2006 to teach delegates how to help others break free in their lives.

Czech Republic

Czech is the other portion of former Czechoslovakia. The Shueys taught in Czech’s Kingdom Expansion Schools in Prague and Brno. The Kingdom Expansion Schools desire to develop leaders who will become part of a church planting effort to reach the nation for Jesus. At present, there are only about 17,000 believers out a population of 10 million.John and Kerry taught at a regional prayer gathering in the heart of Moravia, a Province in Czech. This was a wonderful time of prayer and personal ministry including deliverance.

They ministered in the cosmopolitan city of Hradec Kralove with Pastor Lukas and Dita Targosz, a young couple with great vision, especially for the postmodern generation. While in H-K, they ministered in the Illumination Service an international service made up mostly of students from all over the world.

Croatia and Slovenia – 2006

John and Kerry Shuey had been working for two years with Pastor Cliff Luckhurst to develop a prayer journey to Croatia. It finally happened in April 2006. There were several goals for the trip. First, we desired to teach on prayer. Secondly, we wanted to visit key sites and pray. Thirdly, we wanted to meet with leaders to strategize about regional transformation. The trip exceeded all expectations. KingdomQuest ministered in two cities while in Croatia, Rijeka and Pula. Rijeka is a city of 175, 000 people with six protestant churches. Within the past two years, five of the six pastors began to meet for fellowship, prayer and strategy. The group loves one another and come from a diverse theological and ecclesiastical grouping: Baptist, Brethren, Lutheran and Pentecostal.

During our time in Rijeka, we spent two days teaching on prayer for all who would come and then talked about regional prayer strategy with key leaders. We had an awesome time of prayer with this group.

We later traveled to Pula, a 3000 year old city of 75, 000. There are three protestant churches in Pula. This city has had an interesting history, having been founded by the Druids and housing Roman temples to Diana and Augustus, where children were sacrificed. There is also a Coliseum type ampitheatre, where Christians were martyred. However, we found a vibrant Pentecostal church lead by a wonderful pastor, who desires to see the entire penisula of istra filled with effective churches.

The last stop in Croatia was Zagreb, where we fellowshipped with Pastor Zelko and Lydia. This wonderful couple preach in the street and disciple new converts. Each of the four pastors we spent time with invited us back. We are working on 2007.

We also visited Slovenia during the trip. We prayed with a group meeting in Piran, the only possible place to hear the Word of God for miles and preached in the capitol of Ljubljana. Pastor Steve Telzerow has a dynamic church touching many parts of the nation through house churches.


Slovakia/Austria – December 2005

The Shueys traveled to Eastern Europe to teach in two of Prepare International Training Schools. The first school was in Brataslava, Slovakia with the leaders of Pastor Pavel Zolnai’s congregation. John and Kerry talked about character issues of a leader and focused upon the character of a leader and the marriage of a leader. As often happens when John and Kerry minister together, many young women are encouraged to pursue ministry. This trip afforded some great contact with Pastor Zolnai.They then traveled by train through the Alps to Graz, Austria. They joined four other teachers to teach on power ministries. The school focused upon the ministry of the Holy Spirit which emerges out of intimacy with Him. After discussing our relationship with the Holy Spirit, the school began to focus upon healing and freedom ministries. Students from this school come from a variety of movements in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.



Kingdom Quest frequently ministers in India. The Shueys first ministered in the Sion Fellowship Training School in 2002 in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh. They taught Breaking Free To Your Destiny, lead a Women’s Conference and ministered in three churches.They returned to Sion’s School in 2005 teaching on the Kingdom of God. After ministering at Sion they traveled to Mumbai to be presenters for the first module of the first College of Prayer in India. The College of Prayer seeks to train believers in prayer so that they, their congregations and regions experience the transforming power of the Kingdom of God.

The Shueys recently traveled to Mumbai where they taught at COP’s second module and led a pastor’s conference in Mumbai. They have been asked to facilitate the development of COP in India. The Shueys, Lord willing, will return to India two times per year for the next several years. The next trip will be early in 2006 where they will teach in the COP, train pastors and teach women.

Liberia, West Africa

Kerry traveled with a team of women to the capital city of Monrovia in July 2005. She ministered Breaking Free To Your Destiny along with a friend. God brought deliverance from occult backgrounds and helped many in this war torn nation to extend forgiveness. The conference included over 400 women from 60 churches. This unity will go a long way to helping the church bring the Kingdom of God to this nation.


Slovakia is part of the former Czechoslovakia. Less than 2% of the population know Jesus. John ministered with Randy Boyd of Prepare International at two training schools in Brataslava and Puchov. These schools included teaching on evangelism and prayer.John and Kerry will return to these two schools in December to teach on issues of character.