Lykens Valley Camp Meeting

We have just gotten home from Lykens Valley Camp Meeting in Elizabethville, PA., where we spoke 10 times on the topic of peace.  Of course when most people think of peace, they think of world peace or at least peace between people.  We believe that God desires this.  Our theme verse for the week was Colossians 3:15.  It tells us that God has called us to peace.  However, the verse also tells us “to let the peace of Christ rule in our heart.”  This indicates that we must allow God to do some things in our life prior to being at real peace with others.  First, we must be at peace with God.  This comes as we receive Christ into our life and as we give our life to Him as Lord. When we do this by faith, He forgives our sins, which takes away the wall that kept us from Him and because we seek to walk in His wise and perfect will, we will have nothing between us and God.  As we do this, God will work in our life in order to rid us of the broken places which keep us from others.  When we allow Him to take care of these areas of sin and strongholds, we are more free to eradicate barriers that stand between us and others.  When we see God working in all three of these  areas, we truly have peace.

He is A Good Shepherd

We have only canceled two international trips.  Several years ago, our friends in India suggested that we not come.  Although we were disappointed that we would not be with them, we felt God wanted us to cancel.  Several months later, when the Mumbai terror attacks were taking place, we realize that we would have been in Mumbai and would have been scheduled to go the airport while the attacks were active.  Our lives may have been spared by the Lord.

Well it has happened again.  A few months ago, we canceled a trip to an Asian nation.  We would have been flying into a area that became dangerous after the capture and death of an international terror leader.  God knows exactly what He is doing.  How we love having Him as our Shepherd.  He truly looks out for us!

Becoming You: How to Discover and Live-Out Your Destiny in God

Several years ago, God gave us a  vision to write a manual that would equip believers to be the kind of person who could discover and live out their God-ordained destiny.  The manual, which helps believers develop the kind of spiritual habits that assist them to follow Jesus and gives direction concerning how to discover His plan for their life,  was actually finished in 2008, but we were unable to print it.  We praise God that through a generous gift “”Becoming You…” was printed and ready for distribution in March.  We are so grateful.  You can get copies by contacting us here at KQM.  The manuals are $12 each plus shipping and handling.  We believe it would be great for individuals, small groups or Sunday School classes.

At the Gates of Hades

In Matthew 16, Jesus took His disciples to Caesaria Philippi.  It was a place where the god Pan was worshiped.  It was also a place with a well so deep no one at the time could find the bottom.  They believed this place to be the gate of Hades.  Jesus said that He would build his church even in this place.  If he could build it here, He could build it anywhere.

Kerry and I just visited a part of the world where we would not anticipate a powerful work of God.  All the reports that we hear are negative.  Yet we found a group of Christians passionate about their nation.  They give themselves in passionate prayer and are engaging in 40 day fasts.  They are making a difference.  God is moving and they anticipate He will do more.  As we shared the Word of God, we found them to be hungry, taking notes and responding to the truth in repentance and costly obedience.

God is building His church everywhere.  He is calling out a band of disciples from every tongue, tribe and nation.  He is working in those places where we might think the gates of Hades exist.  Nothing can or will stop Him.  Let us ask Him what part He desires us to play and then follow Him with the same kind of costly obedience.

Igniting Regional Leaders for Kingdom Advance

God is amazing!  Our heart has been to see multi-denominational groups of leaders come together to bring transformation to their cities.  We have spent the last five years developing relationships with leaders from a number of Asian cities.  We have had the privilege the past two years to minister to groups of believers in three cities who desire our input in their lives and they desire that we give them teaching that will assist them to bring change to their regions.  In one of these cities nearly 1/3 or the pastors have entered into covenant to reach their city.  They are looking to KingdomQuest to be spiritual parents and mentors as they go about the task of winning their city of 1.5 million.

KingdomQuest is also praying about entering into this kind of relationship with leaders in other cites and other nations in Asia and around the world.

Strategic Leadership Training

During the past three years, Kingdom Quest Ministries has been putting great effort into teaching and refining their six module Kingdom Advance Schools. These modules train national leaders in the basics of living in the Kingdom of God. The goal has been to see the lives of key leaders changed so that they would impact those in their sphere of influence. God has been doing a great work. Many individuals have been set free from their past and the Body of Christ in several international cities are coming together for the purpose of winning their city for Christ. In addition, seven indigenous leaders have been added to KAS faculty with another 10 to be added by the end of 2009.

During the past several months, KQM has begun to develop the second level of Kingdom Advance Schools. This level will give key city leaders tools that will assist multi-denominational groups of leaders to work together to advance the Kingdom of God in their region more effectively. In the coming months, KQM will begin to train leaders and help them gain vision and develop strategies to reach their cities.It is an exciting phase to this ministry. We are both excited and in need of your prayers.